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Born in Sydney as Susan Jones, I later changed my name to Susan King, I gained my Bachelor of Music in Lute Performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 1989. After further studies overseas I returned to make my home in Tasmania, Australia, where I play and teach lute.

My main instrument is the 11 course French Baroque Lute. I also play Renaissance lute and Baroque Guitar. 

Apart from historical lute music, I have an interest in working with composers to create new lute music.

In 1988 Australian composer Robert Allworth AOM wrote his Lute Concerto for me. 

More recently, I worked with UK composer Matthew Leigh Embelton on his Music for Lute and Laptop series of recordings.

Tasmanian composer Karlin Love composed a suite of pieces titled A Lute on the Géographe; the music, offering a French perspective of Tasmania.

Other composers I have worked with include Helen Morrison, Janina Evangelou & Jean-Christoph Rosaz.

A collaboration with UK folk musician John Bushby to trace the traditional origins of music in the Balcarres Lute Book (c.1700), resulted in a unique recording of lute, Scottish lowland pipes, harp, fiddle and whistle.

In January 2022 I recorded the second CD in my LadyLute series and from May to June 2022 recorded the lute music of Karlin Love.

A project / recording is planned for early 2023 in a duo with young Tasmanian Lutenist Nishka Corry.

We will compose and record new works for lute, combining medieval and renaissance styles with modern pop - Tasmanian Bardcore.

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I give individual lessons in the Hobart studio or online.

These are usually for 30 minutes once a week with hour lessons also available.

I have started beginners from as young as 6yrs on lute, though the majority of lute students tend to be adults.

You don't need to read music or have played another instrument to learn lute.

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